The Essence of Christianity

While vaccinations have inspired hope that greater personal interaction will be possible, it will be some time, if ever, before touching will be a normal expression of caring in casual relationships. “Loving others as ourselves” means remembering those who may be starved for acknowledgement in their suddenly narrowed world. What are some things we can do to touch the hearts of those who don’t enjoy the benefits and challenges of being in a family group over the course of the pandemic?

We can leave bags of cookies on doorknobs, perhaps with a handwritten friendly note included. Covered sectional food trays from the supermarket are perfect for sharing a meal to someone who might be lonely. We can choose to support an isolated person with conversation, remember their special days, and help them with practical matters such as computer help or picking up groceries.

We can follow whatever guidelines our health authorities are asking of us and let love lead us to be mindful of the needs of people who might not be prominent in our immediate lives. What is important is that the love of God is shared and felt during these unusual times.

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