Comment Guidelines


Scriptural Guidelines: Ephesians 4:29; Proverbs 31:26

Informed and thoughtful comments to NIMER publications are encouraged. Through Comments, NIMER welcomes the opportunity to extend the value of our publications and facilitate intelligent and constructive discussion of their content. Commenters are expected to represent differing perspectives in a respectful manner.

Comments normally will be left open except for legal reasons or if the volume of unacceptable comments requires too much time to monitor

All comments are monitored before they are posted. The decisions of the moderator are final.

Comments of the following nature will not be posted. The comment contains personal information. The comment attacks the author or the publication topic in an abusive manner. The comment is unnecessarily inflammatory or divisive. The comment generalizes against a group of people. The comment contains libelous or false allegations. The comment constitutes advertising. The comment violates intellectual property rights. The comment is incoherent, repetitive or off-topic. If a comment contains content contrary to these guidelines, the entire comment is not posted.

Readers who believe a posted comment is not in keeping with the comments guidelines may express their reasons to the editor.

Comments are not edited. Commenters should review the comment for grammar and spelling before submitting it.

The language of publication is English.

The views of the commenters do not necessarily reflect the views of NIMER, Northwest Baptist Seminary, and FEBPAC.

Commenters are responsible for the content they submit.

Commenters who misrepresent themselves or any organization will be banned from commenting.

Posted: 2019/09/16