NIMER Grants

Please note: The NIMER research grants have been suspended until further notice due to the current COVID-19 crisis.



NIMER annual research competitions fund academic research into specific Christian ministry questions and applications in the following three categories.

Biblical and Theological Studies
History and Cultural Studies
Leadership Formation and Ministry Skills

Normally, NIMER will expect to publish an article or report from the funded research. This expectation is not exclusive.


Applicants hold a full- or part-time academic appointment in an undergraduate and/or graduate degree-granting institution that prepares students for Christian ministry. Applications that involve collaborators who hold graduate academic credentials and are engaged in full-time Christian ministry are encouraged. Student involvement is for the purpose of research training rather than completion of degree requirements. Normally, institutions are eligible for one grant per year.


There will be two grants of up to $2,500 CDN in each category. The term of the grants is 18 months.


Researchers may make one application per competition as the Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator is the correspondent for the application. If applicable, the funds will be disbursed to the Principal Investigator’s institutional research office. The research office will be responsible for secondary disbursements.

Applicants will complete every section of the application format in single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point type, with ¾ inch margins, following the instructions provided. Do not include attachments unless requested. Use narrative style with headings. Avoid jargon and explain acronyms; evaluators may not be familiar with your specialization.

Questions from applicants and research advisors to the NIMER director by email ([email protected]) are welcome.

The annual submission deadline is January 31, by 8 p.m..  The application will be submitted to the NIMER director by email as a PDF attachment. The email must show the date and time.

Any changes to the terms of this competition will be posted annually by September 31.

The award term is April 30 to November 30 of the following year.

Grant holders will make a report not exceeding one page at the conclusion of the grant term. Grant holders may not apply again if NIMER has not received the report.

If the research is found in breach of normative standards of academic integrity exemplified by requirements of national research agencies, the award must be returned to NIMER for redistribution in the next grant competition.


Application Headings

  1. Researcher/Research Team

Principal Investigator:

Current Institution:



If applicable:




Current Program(s):

  1. Research Project (word limits in parentheses)

Competition Category:

Description of research project (350)

Short- and long-term objectives of research project (350)

Relation to ministry education (100)

Significance to specialization/anticipated impacts of research (250)

Research plan and methodology (350)

References (300)

Relation to other research conducted by research team members (200)

Research team roles (200)

Timeline (work completed before award term will not be funded) (100)

How research results will be disseminated (150)

If applicable, has this project been approved by your institution’s Research Ethics Board? (If the research involves human subjects.)

  1. Budget

Detailed Budget

Budget justification

  1. Additional Information

If applicable, contact information for your institution’s Research Office.

Please submit a current curriculum vitae/resume for every member of the research team.


The budget may include all expenses essential to planning and carrying out a relevant research project to the point of beginning to write an article or report for publication. All expenses must be identified and justified. If other sources of funding are being used to fund the research project, the budget should indicate the funding sources of these expenses and whether the funding is expected or secured. NIMER will not cover expenses requested from other funding sources. In addition, if the recipient receives another award covering expenses requested from NIMER, the recipient must inform NIMER so this amount may be recalled. If applicable, ethics approvals must be obtained before the grant funds will be released. Funds can only be used as indicated in the application budget. NIMER may make a partial award and/or disallow ineligible expenses.

Eligible Expenses

  • Specialized equipment or software rental or purchase up to $250 (essential for completion of the project, not supplied by the academic institution, purchase only if rental impractical or more expensive)
  • Travel necessary to conduct the research (.40/km, economical airfares, modest accommodation, food $50/day domestic and $70/day international, snacks and alcohol beverages excluded). Child care expenses may be requested for short-term travel (up to 5 days).
  • Institutional indirect costs: 5% of the total expenses

Ineligible Expenses

  • Salaries
  • Conference fees and accommodation
  • Standard office facilities and expenses
  • Equipment installation, operation, or maintenance
  • Electronic communication; e.g., cell phone charges
  • Association memberships and journal subscriptions
  • Spouse travel expenses, animal care, entertainment

Budget overruns.

Allocation of unspent funds will be decided by NIMER at the end of the grant term.


The applications are reviewed by a NIMER committee comprised of the NIMER director, three faculty members of the Trinity Western University Theological School of Graduate Studies, and a representative of FEBBC. The director ensures that no committee member has a conflict of interest, chairs the committee meeting, and does not participate in the granting decisions.

The evaluation is made on the strength of the application itself. Applications that don’t conform to the competition format and style requirements will not be processed by the committee.

The committee members individually assign scores to each application. They rank the applications according to the scores they have assigned. The director averages the rankings and convenes the committee to review each application and assign the grant amounts of the successful applications. No additional information about any application is allowed into the discussion.

When the committee has completed its evaluation, the director notifies all applicants and research offices by email and posts the competition  results on the NIMER website. Normally, the competition results are announced within four weeks from the close of the competition.

Criteria and Weighting

Proposal concise, well-organized and well-argued, free from spelling and grammar errors, includes required information (20)

Significance/anticipated impacts (15)

Original and/or innovative (10)

Quality of methodology (25)

Likelihood researcher and/or research team can successfully complete the research project: qualified, realistic timeline (10)

Budget items realistic, adequate and necessary (10)

Relation to research plan (5)

Involves students (5)

Total score 100

Posted: September 16, 2019