Editorial Committee



The members will be broadly knowledgeable in the subject areas of the journal.

The members will be representative of diverse educational and ministry stakeholders.

At least one member each will represent NBS and FEBPAC.

The committee may include distinguished honorary members.


The members will assist the editor with publication decisions after the peer review process is completed, if applicable.

The members will support NIMER by suggesting authors and content, and inspiring their networks to read and cite NIMER publications.

The members will assist NIMER with publication evaluation and innovation.


Each member will serve for up to two years, renewable once. Members may serve again after a period off the committee.

Members will be consulted when publication decisions are pending. Members are encouraged to communicate with NIMER at any time.

If a submission that originates in NBS is being considered for publication, the NBS representative will not participate in the publication decision.

Posted:  19/09/16