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Atonement in 1 Peter – Reflections on Isaiah 53
The Reality of God in a God-Forgetting Age
Reflections on the Theological Validity of Disciple-Making Movements
Considering Context in Ministry Education… Continue reading


New Book: John and Anti-Judaism: Reading the Gospel in Light of Greco-Roman Culture, 2021

This study argues that the Gospel of John’s anti-Judaism can be well understood from the perspective of trends apparent within the context of broader Greco-Roman culture… Continue reading

New Book: Theology, Ethics and Technology in the Work of Jacques Ellul and Paul Virilio: A Nascent Theological Tradition

Michael Morelli shows from various vantage points how Ellul and Virilio’s nascent tradition exposes technology as modernity’s primary idol, and how these thinkers use multiple disciplines to resist the perilous consequences of the modern world’s worship of power and the kinds of technologies this misdirected worship produces. Continue reading