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Discerning “The Spirit” in Mark 2:8; 8:12 and 14:38
Evangelism and “Nones and Dones” in Canada
Preparing a Proposal
Toward Structurally Inviting and Inclusive Churches Continue reading


New Book: Theology, Ethics and Technology in the Work of Jacques Ellul and Paul Virilio: A Nascent Theological Tradition

Michael Morelli shows from various vantage points how Ellul and Virilio’s nascent tradition exposes technology as modernity’s primary idol, and how these thinkers use multiple disciplines to resist the perilous consequences of the modern world’s worship of power and the kinds of technologies this misdirected worship produces. Continue reading

New Book: Johannine Christology

The volume is organized into four major parts, which are concerned with the formation of Johannine Christology, Johannine Christology in Hellenistic and Jewish contexts, Christology and the literary character of the Johannine writings, and the application of Christology for the Johannine audience and beyond. Continue reading


Theology Symposium: The Many and the One

Theology Symposium – The Many and the One: Modern Secularity and Classical Christian Theology Continue reading