NIMER’s mission is to strengthen Christian ministry and Christian ministry curriculum through academic research.


  • Foster faculty and student research and promote expertise of people in ministry
  • Generate rigorous academic and applied Christian ministry research
  • Enhance research-based resources available for the classroom and churches
  • Improve accessibility of relevant expertise and scholarship through the internet
  • Facilitate and provide research in current topics
  • Develop denominational research themes; e.g., leadership, church planting, international missions
  • Stimulate innovation in Christian ministry and Christian ministry education
  • Promote biblically faithful perspectives in research

Editorial Review Board

Justin Allison, PhD, Prairie College
Howard Andersen, PhD, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Kenton Anderson, PhD, Providence University
William Badke, MTS, MLS, Trinity Western University
Blayne A. Banting, DMin, PhD, Briercrest
Reuben Bredenhof, PhD, Canadian Reformed Theological Seminary
Estera Boldut, PsyD, Trinity Western Seminary
Steve Booth, PhD, Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary
Bradley K. Broadhead, PhD, Oyen Evangelical Missionary Church
Mark Carroll, MTS, Parkland Fellowship Baptist Church, Surrey, BC
Dave Coles, MDiv, Beyond
Joshua Coutts, PhD, Providence Theological Seminary
Martin M. Culy, PhD, Cypress Hills Ministries
Andrew Dyck, PhD, Canadian Mennonite University
Allan Effa, PhD, Taylor Seminary
Joel Houston, PhD, Briercrest
Michael Mawhorter, DMN, FEB Pacific
Michael Morelli, PhD, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Roy Moran, ThM, Shoal Creek
Mark Naylor, DTh, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Jesse Nickel, PhD, Columbia Bible College
Jonathan Numada, PhD, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Larry J. Perkins, PhD, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Ken Pudlas, EdD, Trinity Western University
Christopher Rappazini, PhD, Moody Bible Institute of Chicago
Brian Rapske, PhD, Northwest Baptist Seminary
Steve Runge, DLitt, Grace School of Theology
Archie Spencer, ThD, Northwest Baptist Seminary


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