Church and Covid 19 Blogs

The Return to Normal – What Does It Mean?

At the start of the pandemic, I read… Continue reading

Are Pastors Essential Workers?

The Covid19 pandemic…I’m sure you are as weary of it all as I am. I look back on the year and my role as a pastor and think it is a fair question to ask, “are pastors and church staff members essential workers?”  Continue reading

Faith Formation for Children through Worship During the COVID-19 Crisis

We live in a society that has increasingly separated families according to age groups… Continue reading

The Active Christian in a Post-Covid-19 World: Understanding the Christian-Ecclesial Imperative

The first question to ask in respect to Christian witness in the contemporary context is… Continue reading

Church, Ministry and Heroes in the “Novel” Normal: Reality in Virtual and Actual

Covid-19 is a black hole. Its event horizon threatens to take every experience and assurance of what life used to be like beyond the point of no return… Continue reading

The Church is Still the Church

As churches adapt to a new reality, let us do so in full consideration of our understanding of the nature and mission of the church… Continue reading