Jeehoon Kim, PhD

Assistant Professor of Korean Language Programs, Network Manager for Korean BA in Christian Leadership, Northwest Baptist Seminary, Langley, BC

Research Interests

The Writings, Wisdom literature, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, Psalms, and Song of Songs



Jeehoon Kim, “One Menorah, Seven Lamps, and Two Olive Trees in Zechariah 4: The Central Role of Zerubbabel for the Completion of the Second Temple.” Canon and Culture 17.1 (2023): 5-37.


Jeehoon Kim, review of Cultural Contextualization of Apologetics: Exploration and Application of the Apostle Paul’s Model, by Matt W. Lee, Northwest Institute for Ministry Education Research., (November 4, 2022).

Unpublished Manuscripts

Ph.D Theological Studies, Concentration – Old Testament Dissertation Title: “Harmonious Discord in a Beautiful Whole: A Canonical Approach on the Relationship Between Proverbs and Ecclesiastes” (Defended: Mar 23, 2022) Supervisor: Prof. Christopher Seitz


“Community Lament for Instruction: The Superscription of Psalm 60” Toronto School of Theology Biblical Department Seminar, Wycliffe College, 2016 Fall, Dec 5.

“The Garden of Eden and Royal Garden Imagery in Sirach 24” Canadian Evangelical
Theological Association, Tyndale University College and Seminary, 2015 Fall

YHWH as Gardener in Psalm 104” Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. Brock University,
St. Catherines, 2014.

Current Research Projects

Book based on doctoral thesis