Recent Posts – Spring 2024

Nature and Nurture: A Social-Cognitive Approach to Moral Emotions in the Qumran Sectarian Literature [Article] [PDF]

Missional Community Engagement: Outreach to the Needy and Newcomers [Article] [PDF]

Inciting Worship: How the Gospel Drama Fuels Our Praise [Article] [PDF]

All Are Precious In His Sight: What Does This Mean For the Church? [Article] [PDF]

Review of Sam D. Kim, A Holy Haunting: Why Faith Isn’t a Leap But a Series of Staggers From One Safe Place to Another, 2023. [Review] [PDF]

Review of Hiemstra, Rick and Lindsay Callaway, “Significant Church: Understanding the Value of the Small Evangelical Church in Canada,” 2023. (Research Study) [Review] [PDF]

Review of Rory Noland, Transforming Worship: Planning and Leading Sunday Services as If Spiritual Formation Mattered, 2022. [Review] [PDF]

Guest Blog: Lament in Corporate Worship [Blog]


Review: Qumran and Christian Origins, 2023.