Guest Blogs

Lament in Corporate Worship

Over my twenty years as a lead pastor, I occasionally held a special “service of lament” when our congregation was facing a season of difficulty, grief, and loss… Continue reading

The Challenge of “Unexplained” Prayers

We don’t know what to pray for because we’ve been given no details…. Continue reading

What is the status of the church and what does the future look like?

What is the status of the church a few months into 2023? It is broken… Continue reading

COVID and Harmony in the Church

Over the past three years, the pandemic has impacted our churches in a variety of ways. One of the saddest has been the tension created in some churches because of different views people have had on how the church should respond to the pandemic. Continue reading

3 Minutes to Describe Preaching

I was preaching for a call. The chair of the board gave me 3 minutes to identify what I consider to be the essentials of preaching… Continue reading

Today’s Youth Desire Mentors

Mentoring relationships may be one way in which youth cross from meaninglessness to purpose and begin to experience the fullness of life in Christ. Continue reading

“Leaders and Followers” in the Church

Whereas in the 1960s and 1970s great effort was made to dispel the myth of the clergy-laity distinction within the church, we have resurrected it in a new guise… Continue reading

The Creator God Versus the Coronavirus

A couple of months ago I was the victim of a random assault. I was innocently playing with my phone and minding my own business when… Continue reading

The Pressure of the Weekly Sermon

Why Preach?  Sunday’s coming. It doesn’t matter whether you are crazy busy, worn out, discouraged, embroiled in conflict, or sermon-blocked. Sunday’s coming. Continue reading

Your First Day in Ministry

It was Monday morning. Bright, sunny, and pleasant. As I looked forward to my week of ministry, I envisioned spending the rest of Monday carefully crafting a sermon for the upcoming Sunday. As a relative newcomer to sermon preparation Continue reading